Working and Employment opportunities in The United Kingdom

The UK has the 6th largest economy in the world and the 3rd largest in Europe, it is dominated by the serviced sector which contributes approximately 78% of GDP.

Of the service sector the Financial Services is particularly important, but new data out this week (Jan 14, 2014) suggests that the Creative Industries (including music, design, advertising, marketing and PR) is the real growth sector, generating an estimated £8 million per hour for the economy.

The UK’s other important industries are Aerospace and Pharmaceuticals, with the UK having the 3rd highest share of global pharmaceutical R & D. The UK is also a major exporter of Automobiles and the Automotive industry is a major employer here. North Sea Oil & Gas also contributes considerably to the UK’s GDP and is by some estimates currently needs to recruit 120,000 skilled workers (Jan 2014).

Outside of the above industries, Health and Social care employs around 13% of the workforce, Transport and Logistics 10%, Retail 9% and Construction around 7%.

The UK has recently come out of recession at time of writing and economic growth, driven by manufacturing and construction is currently the strongest in Europe (Jan 2014)
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